I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to post on St Joseph on Monday. Fr Christopher has a beautiful St Joseph story. He tells how St Joseph got him into the Catholic Church.

Here’s one from our family: My younger brother, Daryl had become a Catholic. My older brother, Don (Yes, all five of us have names beginning with ‘D’. I know it is very Brady bunch, but this was the 1950s) was trying to sell the family business and it wasn’t budging. Daryl says, “Why don’t you pray a novena to St Joseph? He always helps with selling properties.

Don says, “I’m a Protestant. I don’t pray to saints, besides, what’s a ‘novena.’?”

“No. You really should!”

“Tell you what. You pray your novena, and if this business sells within six weeks, I’ll become a Catholic.” He said it like, “I’ll eat my hat.”
The novena was prayed. The business sold within six week. Seven years later Don became a Catholic, and at his reception Daryl reminded him about his (now forgotten) wisecrack.