Do you want to be rich? Really rich? Give it all alway. In a stunning move Austrian millionaire, Karl Rabeder (pictured above) is giving away his fortune. London’s Daily Telegraph reports that Rabeder is giving up his millions to live simply in a one room hut. The money is going to support his start up credit charities in Central America. He’s going to get a crash course in living by faith.

Is it possible to give radical amounts of money away and live by faith? I tried it once, and found that miracles happened. I was a young assistant priest and for the first time I had a salary. I had stepped out in faith to train for the priesthood and found that I always had enough to pay the bills. Then, once I had a salary I said to my brother, “This is boring. I always have enough money.” He said, “So why not give half of it away?” So I did. I started giving half my income away. Before long there were other young people living in our house with us. Some of them were unemployed. Others got part time jobs. They all pitched in with the expenses and the housework. We prayed together. We laughed and lived together. It was a mini Franciscan kind of experience. It was fun. It was radical and we saw God provide. When we had no food people gave us food. When we needed the car repaired someone would turn up to repair it or give us the money to get it fixed.

You don’t have to live such a radical life to be a good Christian, but if you do, be prepared for miracles. Of course, you have to be willing to rough it. You’ll have to re-assess your values. You’ll have to figue out what is really important to you pretty quick. If you have dependents make sure they’re willing to walk on the waves with you, or the radical experiement could go wrong. Nevertheless, if you take a radical step you’ll see radical change in your life.

Lent is coming up. If you can’t give away your millions, why not step out in faith and do something radical for Lent? Give away a big chunk of money…I mean until it hurts. Do you want to see God do something amazing in your life and transform you from the inside out, then make a big sacrifice and get ready for a miracle.