Ok hon, I’m sorry I haven’t been talking to you for such a long time, but to tell you the truth, since the Holy Father visit Spain I have been busy with my business called Veritas Vestments. I told you the biretta is a fashion item in Barcelona, and everybody wants a biretta in many different fabrics and poor Mantilla can’t keep up with the demand, but now I have a little workshop set up. The poor Carmelite sisters were making felt banners for churches with pictures of loaves of bread and grapes or people without faces and their arms raised on them and the Mother Superior tells me they are going out of business. So Mantilla comes in and helps the sisters with an idea. I say, “Look, Mother. Nobody wants these felt banners now. Thank God for that. They were not nice to start with. Those people without faces look like aliens from a spaceship, and what do good Catholics want pictures of bread and grapes for? The Mass is not about bread and grapes it is about the Body of Christ.” At first Mother is not looking very happy with me, I am thinking she is looking like one of those bulls that Augusto is fighting in the bull fight, but then she smiles and says to me, “You know Mantilla darling, I never liked them anyway. So what should we do?” So now they are all very happy making birettas for everyone in many different colors and with poms to match. It is very good business for now, and I am working on some saturnos for the ladies for Easter with maybe some ostrich feathers. I’m happy to say the hat is back in Spain and Mantilla is at the center of it. But hon, you were asking me about incense and the botofumerio at Santiago. You are right hon. The Holy Father got to see the botofumerio in action, and you won’t believe it, but Augusto was one of the men who was pulling the ropes to make it swing back and forth. You tell me that you don’t like incense because it make you choke and cough. Hon. This is not a good sign. Monsignor Quixote, who knows about these things has a friend named Father Miguel deAngelis who is a very old priest who is an exorcist and Monsignor told me once that the devil doesn’t like holy water, but he really doesn’t like incense. So if you don’t like incense maybe you have something nasty inside hon. That is not so good hon! Before long you will be rolling your eyes back and turning a green color and saying bad things and you will start growling. On the other hand, maybe your priest is just using cheap incense. There is bad incense you can get which smells like you are burning grass cuttings and plastic. This incense makes you choke. Monsignor told me that since all the changes not so many priests use incense anymore, and they can’t tell good incense from bad. This is a bad thing because the incense is a sign of our prayers going up to God, and it is in the Bible where they are using incense to worship God in heaven, and I remember the sister at school saying that God has nostrils so he likes incense. I tell you something else hon. You want to know why Augusto has started going to Mass and was doing the botofumerio for the Holy Father? I tell you something. When Augusto is going out to fight the bull? You remember the bull gored him in the leg last year? Well after that he starts burning some incense and saying prayers when he is getting dressed as matador, and first time he does this and goes out into the ring, the bull comes up. This bull paws the ground and sniffs the air to smell Augusto. They do this because they can’t see good you know? So I swear hon, this is the truth, that bull goes down on his front knees and bows down to Augusto and I think that the big, black bull is maybe like the devil and ever since that time Augusto starts going to Mass with me again and maybe he is thinking of setting a date for the wedding because to tell you the truth hon, Mantilla is tired of waiting.