On the bus on the way home I asked some of the boys what they thought:
“It was just the same as receiving communion the other way.”
“That’s certainly theologically true. Did anyone else feel differently about it?
“Not really.”
“I did. I thought it was cool.”
“Yeh, I thought it was cool too.”
“Why was that?”
“Because it was different. It made me think about it more.”
“Any other thoughts?”
“I liked it because it felt more holy.”
“It felt more holy. Why was that?”
“Because you were there above us, and God is above us, and it was like he was coming down to us, you know?”
“I think so. So you’re saying when you kneel you feel closer to God?”
“More like that’s the right way to receive him.”
“I see. Have you seen people receiving communion the other way irreverently?”
“I have. Sometimes people at our church talk while they’re waiting in line.” 
“Mmm. Not good. People should be silent.”
“Would you like to receive communion that way again?”
“I wouldn’t mind. When are we going to stop to eat?”