I was a vicar on the Isle of Wight in England when I was asked to do a series of inspirational radio spots for local radio. So I decided to play clips from famous pop songs about love and then apply them to God’s love for us.

One of the clips was B.B.King’s track Guess Who.

I went on to say, “Guess Who really loves you baby? Guess who will wait eternally.” and so forth.

The week the spots were aired one of the old ladies in the parish said, “I heard you on the radio vicar. I must say I didn’t think much of your singing voice, but you can really play the guitar can’t you!

Take a moment to listen to Guess Who and remember B.B.King who died yesterday.

See if it doesn’t bring a smile to your face, and remember the time B.B.King gave the Pope one of his guitars named Lucille and think maybe they’ll make a place in the heavenly choir for the King of the Blues.