Back from the exuberance of the Chesterton Conference, I’m banking up for our mission trip to El Salvador. We leave early on Thursday morning.

To tell you the truth, I haven’t got much to say about the homosexual Anglican priests having a big fancy ‘wedding’ in London. In many ways I suppose it’s a positive step. At least they’re being honest and open. It was all going on anyway with ‘private ceremonies’ and ‘discreet blessing services’. Now they’re being just about as aggressive, arrogant and ‘inyerface’ now as they can possibly be, and everybody should realize that they should never have started appeasing these people in the first place. Basic rule from the Indiana Jones school of moral theology: “Don’t appease Nazis.”
Jeffrey Steel (an American Anglican priest who ministers in England) has thoughts about it here. Jeffrey has a good blog that’s worth checking if you’re interested in how orthodox Anglicans are coping.
Now Anglicans who actually wish to follow the historic Christian faith can start making their exit plans. I wish more would act on their words, “Oh, we’re very Catholic you know…” and actually become Catholic, but alas, most of the Anglicans I know still have big problems with Peter the Rock. Sadly, he’s not the stepping stone for them, but a stumbling block.
Pray for orthodox Anglicans. They’re sheep without a shepherd right now, and I feel sorry for them.