mexicoOne of the most disgusting things we are witnessing in the present political turmoil in the United States is how much xenophobic racism is still around.

Not only does it disturb me that it’s there, but it disturbs me even more that it’s here.

What I mean is that I  am instinctively and naturally a conservative. That means when I’m choosing the lesser of two evils (another term for voting) I’ll pull the Republican lever.

With Donald Trump’s bloviations–we see what it is like when a demagogue wannabe cranks up a crowd and panders to their worst fears.

Therefore, it is with incredulous disgust that I am hearing immigrants branded as rapists and killers by Trump, and not only do I hear conservatives braying in his support, but Catholic conservatives.

What kind of idiocy is this? Have we all left our hearts and our brains totally turned off?

Mexico is not our enemy. Mexico is our neighbor.

Mexican immigrants are not our enemies. They are our neighbors.

Are some Mexicans criminals? Sure. Some white Americans are criminals. Should the criminals be arrested and locked up? Sure.

This country was built on immigration. The immigrants came to New York. They were processed at Ellis Island. They moved through a legal process to gain citizenship. Continue Reading