Here’s another fascinating news story to come out of England. The Church of England General Synod is meeting at this time. Tomorrow they debate women’s ordination to the Episcopate. Monday they vote.

The Daily Telegraph reveals here that a group of senior Church of England bishops has gone to the Vatican to discuss the crisis with the Catholic Church leaders. The timing of this is, of course, very crucial. Just when the Church of England is about to debate the issue the General Synod and Archbishop Williams are being made aware of the presence of Big Sister looking over their shoulder.
Of course, the majority of the members of the Church of England don’t care two hoots about Catholics and would just as soon see the back of all the traditionalist Anglo Catholics in their church. This is the subtext of Bishop Nigel McCullough’s view, who uses the typical, “We feel your pain.” talk while urging the Church of England to go forward anyway. Read his opinion here.
Will Rome widen the scope of the already existing Anglican Use liturgy? When I came across in the mid-1990s the Catholic Church in England was not ready for parishes with Anglican use liturgies and married priests. Instead all those priests who came across (well over 500) were simply absorbed into the existing Catholic structures. It’s more likely that the same tactic will be taken again.
Damian Thompson reports on the crisis within the Anglo Catholic movement here, and if you want to get inside the head of the typical liberal Anglican lay person read this article.