Deacon Greg gets all the scoops. He reports here on American Catholic nun Jeanne Grammick who has written a letter to El Presidente advocating abortion.

I kid you not.

The curious thing is, the other day I was ranting about the dissenting sisters and said just that: that they support abortion. I was told off in the combox by a progressive who was “saddened” and “concerned” about my “lack of charity”.

Here’s the letter.

Another commenter asked, “Why is the SSPX, who are faithful to Catholic doctrine–albeit rather extremely so–kicked out of the church, but the bishops feel that with the rebellious sisters they need to “continue to dialogue”?

Another commenter today said, (and I paraphrase) “Father, I’m a Methodist about to swim the Tiber, but to tell you the truth, I love the Catholic Church, but the cranks and weirdoes among the Catholic priests and nuns seem must as bad as in our church. They sound like a bunch of liberal left wing Methodists wimmin ministers.”

I cannot disagree.