There has been further comment on my post about Love and Marriage.

I defined marriage as being essentially between a man and a woman, and that other alternative unions were not marriages.

I was taken to task by one commentator who suggested that other people disagree and believe that the marital act between a man and a woman is not the defining action of a marriage, nor the defining characteristic of a marriage. Instead it is suggested that marriage is all about ‘two people living together in love to mutually support one another.’

It calls to mind a case in England a year or so ago just after homosexual unions were legitimized and made legal. Two elderly sisters who had lived together their entire lives and shared a home together applied to marry each other. They claimed that if two lesbians could marry and gain the financial and legal benefits of being legally married they should be allowed to as well. They wanted inheritance and property rights of married people.

Well why not? If marriage is defined as ‘a loving relationship between two people who come together for mutual support’ then why should I not marry my mother, my brother, my daughter or my sister? All the criteria for this ‘alternative’ marriage is in place. We love each other. We want to establish a union of mutual caring and support. Why shouldn’t we marry and enjoy all the legal benefits of marriage?

At that point those who are in favor of ‘alternative’ marriages (by which they mean homosexual ‘marriage’) splutter and fuss and don’t have an answer, and finally they say, “But what you are suggesting is nonsense!”

Or course it is nonsense. So is homosexual ‘marriage’. 

Marriage has to do with sex and procreation. It’s built into the definition from the ground up. Sodomy and whatever lesbians do is not the same thing, and I’m embarrassed to hear people who call themselves Catholics arguing otherwise.

This is not simply a social or moral question. When I’m not so tired I’ll post on the mystery of the sacrament of marriage and just why homosexual ‘marriage’ is actually a form of blasphemy.