From the combox:

I was ELCA Lutheran before converting to Catholicism. Even in the mid-90’s I could see that the ELCA was sliding toward approval of homosex. I was a delegate to our synod with my wife and on the docket was a proposal to study homosexual issues. It was couched with the disclaimer that it is just a study and no one was approving of any homosexual acts, but when someone in support of it came up to the podium and harrangued us with the “First they came for the Jews” poem, my BS antennae went “boing”. It sounded like the usual “just starting to dialog” stuff we always hear which I have since learned is code for: We-keep-talking-and-using-emotional-tyranny-until-you-unenlightened-rubes-cave. The measure was defeated barely, but I knew then that it was something that was going to continue to come up and that they could lose a hundred times, but only needed to win once. In the back of my mind the road map had only one destination: approval of homosex. Looks like Minneapolis will confirm this, but pray it won’t.

Yes, this is one of the devil’s tactics too. I was reminded of it when Richard Ballard gave me a copy of the Episcopal Church’s newspaper. They were embarking on yet another ‘Study of Human Sexuality.’ This was the exact ploy I experienced in the Anglican Church. They will talk and talk and talk and talk and produce study after study until they ‘convince’ people. In fact all the ‘studies’ are simply different and more extravagant ways of lying. Who was it who said, “Distrust anyone who attempts to make a simple truth complicated.” I always perked up my ears when I heard an Anglican theologian, bishop or priest saying with a patronizing smile, “Ah, yes, but it’s not quite as easy as that now is it?” or “Truth is rarely black and white is it?”

G.K.Chesterton’s quip, “The object of having an open mind is eventually to close it upon something.” He might have said (and probably did) that a mind that is alway open must eventually be empty. I doubt very much whether we have discovered anything ‘new’ about human sexuality at all. What could we discover that we did not already know? In the area of homosexuality no one really seems to know for sure much more about the complicated genesis of the condition than they ever did. Theories abound, but no one is certain. Likewise with all the other bogus ‘discoveries’. The only thing different about human sexuality from our grandparents generation is that they were discreet, modest and ashamed of their decadent desires and bad behavior. We are the opposite.