romeToday over at my main blog (which is now located at my newly designed blog-website) I have posted the first published version of my conversion story.

My Conversion from the Anglican Church also introduces readers to the section of my new blog called “Archived Articles”. In this section I will be posting some of the various articles I have written over the years for a range of websites, magazines, papers and journals. This section of the blog is partitioned off for donor-subscribers.

New blog posts on Standing on My Head will continue to be free.

To see what features are open to Donor-Subscribers please go here.

The Donor-Subscriber feature allows my new blog-website to remain ad free. It also allows the comments box to be re-opened, but provides a filter to screen trolls, troublemakers and surreptitious campaigners and advertisers.

The new blog-website will also feature book reviews, a return of my “alter egos”, an “ask a priest” feature and eventually a vlogger feature. I am also working on getting some genuine guest bloggers–well known writers and bloggers who will contribute an occasional column.

I hope you will visit and bookmark the new blog website. Become a donor-subscriber if you can, but if that’s not for you, you are still welcome.

Remember too, that one of the easiest and best ways to evangelize is to share a blog post you like on social media. All my new blog posts will continue to be free of charge and ten years of blog posts are still archived here at my outpost at Patheos.