Today I’m posting My Conversion from the Anglican Church.

My conversion story has been published in various places, but this version was first published in my book The Path to Rome. The book was a collection of sixteen conversion stories that came out about twenty years ago now, but the stories are still a good read.

Publishing this post today introduces readers to a new feature on the blog. The “Archived Articles” section below the main blog is where I will be posting some of the articles I have written over the years for various magazines, papers, websites and journals.

There will be a new posting there several times a week and links will appear here in the free section of the blog.

The “Archived Articles” section is one of the areas of the blog-website open to Donor-Subscribers.

I have put a Donor-Subscriber feature into the blog for several reasons. First, to have a comments box, but to have a filter to keep out trolls, troublemakers and people who want to just use my platform for their agenda. Secondly, to keep the blog ad free. No pop ups advertising the Mormon Church. No trashy ads about celebrities who have lost their looks, No nuisances. Just ad free reading. Thirdly, I want to develop a sense of community on the blog where people comment and chat in the combox like they used to.

I hope you’ll take the opportunity to support the blog and enjoy reading many more posts through the Donor-Subscriber program. To learn more go here.