I have a suspicion that at times people wonder what the heck a priest does all day. As an Anglican vicar one had to endure the endless jokes on Sunday from the cheerfully godless, “It’s Sunday isn’t it vicar? It’s the one day you work isn’t it?” Haha. Yes. Very droll.

In case there’s any doubt here’s today’s schedule:
7:00 – overslept because I didn’t sleep
7:30 – leave the house with three kids for school running late
8:00 – Household with fifteen high schoolers. Attendance. Prayers. Discipline problems.
8:30 – Celebrate Mass for St Mary’s School – 400 kids etc.
9:30 – Lauds on the run. Meeting about administrative matters at school.
10:30 – Household. Sandwiches. Announcements. Fifteen noisy HS boys who I love.
11:00 – Details: school Mass, fund raisers, planning ahead. retreats, March for Life, pro life stuff.
12:00 – In school confirmation class with 22 very sweet 8th grade girls. Natural revelation
1:15 – school ends. Mingle. Network. Be there for people
1:45 – Theology faculty meeting
3:15 – Gather up kids. One from late stay. Two from cross country practice. Phone home
4:00 – Pick up Rocinante from shop. Turn signals need fixing.
4:30 – Squeeze in Vespers
5:00 – Confessions at St Mary’s
6:00 – Counseling appointment
6:30 – RCIA
8:45 – Home. Chess with the ten year old. A hamburger. A glass of wine.
9:00 – Blogging about Padre Pio.
10:00 – Pool with sixteen year old. Talk with fourteen year old. Listen to Compline on Ipod.
11:00 – Hit hay.