This news item from England shows the Anglican Church shooting itself in the foot again.

Anglican leaders have issued a statement warning that calling God “Lord” or “Father” will lead to wife beating.

This is nothing new. When I was an Anglican priest twelve years ago it was common practice then for many clergy to avoid the Trinitarian formula “Father, Son and Holy Spirit” by substituting “Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer.’ Quite apart from the fact that this is heretical in itself, (it describes the Holy Trinity as three functions rather than three persons) it also finally threatens to put them outside the Christian faith altogether.

The very bottom line for recognizing another believer as a aChristian is that they have faith in Christ and have been baptized with water in the name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit. If that isn’t present their baptism is invalid.

Already we’re in a situation where Anglican bishops have formally denied all the cardinal doctrines of the faith, and where they allow remarriage after divorce, contraception, abortion, co-habitation and homosexual ‘marriage’. When do we actually say, “Uhhh…sorry. We don’t actually recognize this as Christianity anymore.”

Are the Anglicans in a free for all or free fall? The first leads to the second, and guess what? They don’t have a parachute.