The Piano Recital

Your skill unlocked a secret on a summer afternoon.
As you stepped onto the stage we stepped with you
into a sacred world–we saw the moon
shining on a cathedral beneath the turbulent blue.
We heard the harmonious ballads of the night
rising like love songs from the depths of light.

Something transcendent trembled in your execution
of each piece. The studious passion of your
young face revealed a deeper dedication–
something more eternal, elemental, and pure.
The guardian Spirit was released, and through
your majestic music we saw your better you.

You understood the rubrics of notes and score,
the liturgy of music and the lifting of the heart.
I glimpsed your future then, solid and secure.
When you were at the piano playing your part
I saw you standing at an altar,
offering the nobler, greater,
sacrifice of a more mysterious art.

(note: this poem is written after a recital by a young man who is a fine pianist and who is considering a vocation to the priesthood)