new-years-resolution…in your way of thinking,

Instead of making resolutions you are bound to break within a week or two, why not aim for a revolution in your way of thinking?

This article for the Imaginative Conservative opens your heart and mind to a new kind of attitude–positive and affirmative without being sappy.

There is an unfortunate stereotype of the conservative as curmudgeon. In the popular mind he is either a pick up driving redneck “clinging to his religion and guns” or a somewhat snobbish, bookish and button downed Anglophile. Whether he has stepped out of Duck Dynasty or Downton Abbey, he is a disapproving and disgruntled pessimist–known more for what he is against than what he is for.

If there be any such conservatives reading this column let them, at the beginning of this year, turn over a new leaf. Let them make a resolution that is no less than a revolution, for I have two wise dictums that I wish to recommend. These resolutions may not help you lose twenty pounds, give up your favorite vice, or start being nice, but they will turn your life upside down and put you on the path to being not only an imaginative but a positive conservative.

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