Not content with the already inflamed situation in his church, the Anglican Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan, (who is also an old friend of Rowan Williams) declares that he would be more than willing to consecrate an openly gay man to be a bishop.

He is pictured here on the left with Episcopal bishop Gene Robinson–the man who left his wife and children to live with his boyfriend, had a ‘divorce ceremony’ in which he and his wife went to the church where they were married and ‘released one another from their vows.’ He has now married his boyfriend in a public ceremony gushing, “I always wanted to be a June bride.”

Robinson was banned from the upcoming Lambeth Conference. He’s in England anyway on a speaking tour and the Archbishop of Wales has done this as an ‘inyerface’ affront to conservatives. 
It really does seem like the Anglican Church has not only hit the self destruct button, but they seem to be enjoying their own suicide. I expect this what it must be like to overdose on pep pills.