UK Right Wing Protestors

UK Right Wing Protestors

The New York Times reports here on the growing anti Islamic feeling across Europe.

The French, Germans, Dutch and British are finally waking up to the fact that Islam is a dominant force in their society.

The Europeans are beginning to feel threatened and it is the European underclass who are most threatened and least ashamed to admit their feelings.

Be prepared for increasing violence against Muslims, the rise of right wing anti-immigrant political movements and outright hatred and resistance to Islam.

It is going to get ugly and when the simmering anti Islamic emotions begin to come to the boil the situation will be ripe for right wing parties to form and for clear minded and articulate leaders to emerge. It will not take much for such leaders to rally the young whites into an organized, disciplined and determined fighting force.

The most frightening aspect to this possibility is that the European backlash against Islam will be harsh, unrelenting and relentless. Do not expect a Christian force to rise against Islam. Christianity in Europe is old and dormant. The rising young force will be brutal, racist and murderous.

If my prediction is correct, then there will be bloodshed. The vengeful, merciless jihadists will be met by vengeful, merciless and godless Europeans.

It will be the battle of the modern barbarians and just as bloody and ugly as the Romans fighting the Germanic tribes or Genghis Khan invading Europe.

There is only one force that can truly defeat Islam, and that is a full blooded, on fire, dynamic and spirit filled Catholic Church. The missionaries of this age will need to be warriors of grace and champions of the kind of valiant and radiant Christ-life as was displayed by St Maximillian Kolbe, St Isaac Joques, St Francis Xavier and Therese of Lisieux.

The force of the resurrected Lord is the only force that can overcome the kind of hate we will soon see unleashed in Europe, and it must rise to defeat both jihadist Islam and jihadist Europeans.

A newly restored and renewed Catholic Church is the one light that is Europe’s hope. It was the only hope in World War I. It was the only light in the darkness of World War II, and it is the only possible light in the encroaching gloom.

My own opinion is that this light will come from developed world. The youth, vigor, simplicity and power of the African, Asian and Latin American church is the light that might shine in Europe and it is that light that we in the West must now try to see and understand for it may be the light that saves us too.

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