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I have moved Standing on My Head from Patheos because I wanted to get away from the increased commercialism at that site. I also wanted to return to the more personal and relational style that I first had when blogging. As the readership increased at Patheos we lost the personal contact. I had to close the comments box because there were simply too many comments to moderate and too often commenters were using my combox as their soapbox.

Having a subscription gateway helps us return to that smaller, more personal blog. The main blog will be free for all. However, there are certain elements on the site that are reserved for donor-subscribers. I encourage you to subscribe to help keep me blogging. Your subscription fee helps me pay for the design and hosting costs of this website, and helps the Longenecker family budget.

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  1. Access to the ever growing “Archived Articles” section
  2. Access to the comments box
  3. Access to my parallel blog – The Suburban Hermit- which is on monastic spirituality.
  4. A new feature: regular book reviews in the “Film and Books” section of Archived Articles
  5. A New Feature: Ask A Priest: Readers can submit questions which I answer personally
  6. 15% Discount on all my books. You will receive a coupon for this when you register.
  7. Discount on my speaker’s fee if you invite me to your parish or conference.
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  10. Reduced rate on any pilgrimage tours I conduct.

There will be no ads, and subscribers will only receive emails reminding them of blog posts or informing them of special offers if they wish to.

When you sign up you will receive a coupon code entitling you to discounts on book purchases.

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