Roving Medievalist links here to a BBC news story about the exhumation of Padre Pio’s body. There is a link through to a BBC video about it as well.

Digging up saints’ bodies. It all so Catholic. It’s easy to make fun of such things if you’re not Catholic, but it’s a reminder that we take the physical aspect of life seriously. We’re interested in the saints’ bodies. We’re interested in relics. If the saints’ sanctification was real, then it affected his or her body, not just their soul or spirit. As a result, what remains are also holy. They are part of the physical world transformed by the power of God.

I remember once seeing the arm bone of St Therese of Lisieux and being quite moved by the physical reality and closeness. It reminds you that this was a real person–not just a character out of books or out of someone’s imagination.

We’re blessing our new Blessed Sacrament Chapel at school in a week or so, along with two altars. I’d love to have some relics for the chapel. Any ideas the best place to secure some relics?