Adam and EveThis week’s article at Imaginative Conservative looks at our need for happiness and what happens when we are disappointed.

The problem is that the paradise is never achieved. There is always disappointment and a fly in the ointment. The search for pleasure ends in addiction instead of satisfaction, and the search for utopia ends in hypocrisy, tyranny, and terror. The panicked soul, realizing that paradise is unobtainable never blames himself, but always blames others, and this is where the other human failing begins to burgeon and bloom like a poisonous plant.

When it becomes obvious that Eden has a serpent, the garden has kudzu, and the paradise is polluted, the next logical step is to conclude that someone is to blame. The searcher for paradise will never blame himself, for if he were so realistic and humble as to blame himself for anything he would never have began to pursue a paradise in the first place. Not able to blame himself, and faced with the realization that his paradisiacal dream is a failure, he immediately searches for someone else to blame. Shifting from paradise to parasite he feeds on others with a growing paranoia.

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