If this article is correct, the British parliament will demand that the Church of England vote again on women bishops, and this time approve the measure. This could provoke a very major crisis in the Church of England.

If parliament forces them to contravene their rules and vote again what happens if the members of the General Synod resent the move and even more vote against the measure simply as a way to tell parliament to get lost? I thought this spat was going to be limited to the Church of England only, but if parliament interferes we could see a major crisis for the established church.

Even more intriguing, what if the Queen were to get involved? I wonder if she would be in favor of women bishops? Her own faith is thought to be low church C of E–a simple, Bible based  traditional sort of religion. It was rumored that she was opposed to women’s ordination to the priesthood. It could get really interesting if she got involved.

I think we’re seeing history being made.