If you have been following the recent posts you will be interested in the best book on the subject of C.S.Lewis and the Catholic Church.
Written by the excellent biographer Joseph Pearce, the book explores the great question, why Lewis never joined the Catholic Church. It delves into Lewis’ Ulster Protestant background, compares ‘Mere’ and ‘More’ Christianity and ends up looking at the state of Anglicanism today with the sobering soubriquet, ‘Mire Christianity.’
It’s a great book! Have a look!
As a post script, Joseph Pearce and his wife have today arrived at their new home in Greenville, South Carolina. I never guessed when I first met Joseph and started writing for his literary journal StAR (St Austin Review) that we would one day be neighbors, or that I would one day be his parish priest…and never in my wildest imagination did I dream that this would be on the doorstep of Bob Jones University.
God moves in a mysterious way.