We’re reminded that the White House wants to ensure that all women receive the necessary “preventative care”. Why not give the unborn children the “Preventative Care” they need to preserve their lives? What on earth does “Preventative Care” mean? Why it means contraceptives of course, and once that’s accepted and everyone yawns and says its okay after all, the term “preventative care” will include abortions.

The only thing both forms of “health service” prevent is human life.

What is so creepy about all this is that the pro abortion people put out the word that this was simply about “choice”. Women should have the opportunity to choose to end their pregnancy with abortion. Now, not only do they have the choice, but I have to pay for their choice. Not much choice for me I guess.

After we all come to pay for abortion what other “preventative care” will be mandated? I know. The tests have shown that the child in the womb has Downs Syndrome, or mental retardation or maybe just a cleft lip. Let’s provide “Preventative Care” and terminate his life so he won’t have so much suffering. It’s happening in the UK and Europe already.

What about the poor woman who is pregnant and the child will be born into poverty? Let’s provide “Preventative care” so the kid won’t have to live a life of poverty. For that matter let’s provide “Preventative Care” to all the poor people in Africa so they won’t have to endure poverty either.

See that old lady in the nursing home? She doesn’t have any money left. She has Alzheimer’s. She doesn’t have any friends or family. We could prevent her suffering the ravages of her disease, and a lonely and terrible decline. “Preventative Care” will be provided. In fact, the government mandated insurance plans will make you pay for it.

Do you object to being forced to pay for death by the ironically and creepily named “Department of Health and Human Services”? Do you stand up against this tyranny? We need to prevent you causing more damage in our perfectly created society. So you will be removed to a “Treatment Center” to receive “Preventative Care”.

Geesh! The imagination boggles! Anything at all that might be deemed unpleasant could be regarded as something to be prevented. You don’t like the growing power of the state? You want to lead a protest movement?

Perhaps you need to be prevented from causing such unrest. Permanently.

Some protestor disappears? A pro life charity is hounded out of existence?

No problem. They simply received “Permanent Preventative Care” courtesy of the Department of Health and Human services.