Here’s an interesting article about a woman who goes to Planned Parenthood clinics posing as a thirteen year old girl asking for an abortion. When she says the father is thirty one years old the PP employee tells her to lie, and because Indiana mandates parental consent for underage girls to have an abortion, the abortionist suggests the girl goes to Illinois where she can get an abortion without parental consent.

If America’s biggest abortion mill breaks the law in this case, how many more like this are happening across the country? Apart from the moral issue of abortion, this is grossly unprofessional. Encouraging underage clients to lie? Assisting them in breaking the law? Shielding pedophiles from prosecution? Not taking action to protect the girl from a predatory older male? Then they would bleat, “But we’re doing this for the poor girl who has got herself into trouble.” The whole thing stinks. 
The investigator who made the films says the first action to be taken is for all federal funding to be withdrawn from Planned Parenthood while a formal inquiry can take place. But will this happen? Will the girls who have been tossed back to their predatory older males sue Planned Parenthood? Will the press portray the whole sleazy abortion industry as a vast, corrupt conspiracy of crypto-eugenicists? 
Don’t bet on it.