Those who complain that the mainstream media doesn’t report on church matters should stop complaining….or should they? CBS, CNN, the BBC and the Daily Telegraph all report on the Pope’s conversation with reporters on his flight back to Rome. All have the screaming headline, “Pope Francis: Who Am I to Judge Gays?”

One of the articles has the subtitle, “Pope answers questions on the possibilities of gay and women priests”….as if there were such possibilities. In fact Pope Francis spoke most clearly and firmly about the possibility of women priests saying, “The church has spoken on this matter. The door is closed.” When it comes to people with same sex attraction Francis simply re-affirmed the teaching of the Catechism of the Catholic Church that homosexual people are not to be treated badly in any way, but welcomed as all are welcomed. However, homosexual actions remain objectively disordered and sinful.

What is sinful is the way the journalists twisted his words. All the headlines screamed “Pope says ‘Who Am I to Judge Gays?'” Several journalists again set him up against Benedict XVI who said that men with deeply seated homosexual inclinations should not be admitted to seminary. Francis didn’t repudiate that advice, but the journos once again set the gentle, scholarly Benedict up as “Nazi Ratzi”, “the Enforcer” and the “Former head of the Inquisition.”

The journalists are either fools or knaves. They either do not understand the full teaching of the Catholic Church or they twist it on purpose, and I believe they are the latter not the former. They threw rocks at Benedict for being Emperor Palpatine while they will give Francis the Judas kiss. They will kill him with kindness. They will use his “peace and justice” message to promote their left wing agenda while they twist his traditionalist teachings to suit their own aims just as they have done in this display of articles today.

They remind me of Middle School bullies who use “mock friendship” to bully others. Anybody who has worked with Middle School kids has seen it. The boys gang up on poor little Franky, and when they are called on their bullying they switch tactics and when they see Franky they cry, “Franky old buddy!! Howareya?” They rush up and give him bear hugs that are too long, slaps on the back which are too hard and high fives that hurt.” They know they are bullying him. He knows they are bullying him, and everybody knows they are bullying him, but there isn’t anything much the teachers can do about it.

So if you think the mainstream media are pleased about Pope Francis the rock star pope. Think again. They’re hopping mad….

…but they’re not going to show it.

UPDATE: More detail on the “gay” part of Pope Francis’ inflight entertainment from Jimmy Akin here and The Anchoress fumes about the stuff and gives lots of links here.