Pope FrancisThis week’s article at Aleteia considers the press narrative of Francis the Reformer. They miss his real mission which is renewal not simply reform.

Francis is hailed as a “reforming Pope” and he certainly seems intent on carrying through the plans initiated by Pope Benedict. Is it best, however, to regard him as a “reforming Pope”? When you read through the history of the church for the last hundred years, each pope has led the church through an intense period of self examination and reform, indeed from the papacy of Pope John XXIII it seems that the Catholic Church has been doing nothing but reform herself. Is it correct, therefore, to view Francis as “a reforming pope?”

Most of this narrative is driven by the secular press who wish to set up a false dichotomy between Pope Francis and Pope John Paul II and Benedict. The reasons for this false dichotomy are both simple and sinister.

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