Francis unsureI know. I know. The headline was misleading, but I couldn’t resist.

Catholic News Agency reports on the pope’s  recent interview with an Argentinian shanty town paper the pope admitted that there is a threat to his life from ISIS, but he puts himself in the Lord’s hands saying that he does not fear death, but he doesn’t like pain.

We hear on television a lot of news that hurts us, that there are fanatics that want to kill you. You are not afraid? And those of us that care about you, what can we do?

Look, life is in the hands of God. I told the Lord: take care of me, but if your plan is that I die or that they do something to me, I ask you only one favor: that they do not hurt me. Because I am a big coward when it comes to physical pain.

It’s a little clip from a good interview in which he calls on people to build family. What should we give our children?

Belonging, belonging to a home.  Belonging is given through love, with care, with time, in hand, listening to them, playing with them, giving them what they need in every moment for their growth. Overall, giving them a place to express themselves. If you do not play with your children, you are keeping them from experiencing gratefulness. If you do not give them a place for them to say what they feel and can even argue with you, because they feel free, you are not allowing them to grow.

I really like this part – in which he teaches us how to learn from those with whom we disagree

t was never hard for me to listen to other people. Each time that I listen to them, it is always good for me. The times that I did not listen to them, it hurt me because even though you do not agree with them, they always, always are going to give you something or they are going to put you in a situation in which you will have to rethink things. This enriches you. It is the way of behaving with those that do not agree with you. Now, if I do not agree with that person and I stop greeting them, I close the door on them and I do not let them speak, I do not ask them anything, it is evident that I remove myself. This is the richness of dialogue. Dialoging, listening, one enriches himself.

CNA has the full report here.

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