Ok. Listen hon. You make a mistake. It was Pope Leo the Great who go out to meet Attilla the Hun. Pope Benedict XVI was in Spain last week and it was me, Mantilla the Hon he come to meet. You see it happen like this.

I was busy at Veritas Vestment my new business making all these birettas in many different fabrics because suddenly one of the big fashion houses in Barcelona start selling birrettas to everybody and they are, like, going crazy because everybody who is somebody wants to wear one of Mantilla’s birettas. You know I am making them in every color and lots of nice fabrics–all these brocades and velvets and tapestries and business is booming. Even Augusto is saying he wants to wear one of my birettas as part of  his matador outfit. He wants a nice scarlet one, and then all the other bullfighters want one too so I am too busy to write for Fr Longenecker’s blog.

Then I can’t believe it, but you know the Holy Father is coming to Spain and so they ask me to make all his vestments for when he is visiting the Sagrada Familia! Madre de Dios! What an honor! So I have to hire a new person and train her to keep making all the birettas while I am busy designing and making the vestments for the Holy Father. What a job! Hon. Let me tell you I am up all night making these vestments because they have to be the very best.

Then I am in the middle of all this when I get a call from Monsignor Pagliacci from the Vatican. He tell me the Pope doesn’t like my vestment design and he wants something you can see better. He sends me fabric samples and it is some kind of polyester and he wants his own designs on it with a cup and some wheat and grapes. I am thinking this Monsignor Pagliacci is some kind of clown or something so I call up my friend in Rome who works at Gamerelli and he say that Pagliacci is pulling a fast one and that he wants his own designs to come through. So this is not good, and I call him up on the phone and tell him that my Augusto is not the only one who is a bull fighter. I don’t like this other kind of bull, and so I talk to Monsignor George who knows what the Holy Father really likes and he tell me that my designs are beautiful and that the Pope wants to meet me.

So after he is blessing the Sagrada Familia he meets with me and Augusto and I give him the vestments and a special little biretta especially for his cat to wear when it gets cold. I tell you, for the Pope to meet Mantilla the Hon. What a great honor!

For me I mean. Of course. You understand don’t you hon?