Tonight was the final session of our RCIA course at St Mary’s for this year. It was great at the Easter Vigil to see so many come into the church. We had nine baptisms and thirty to be received. Praise God!

Tonight we concluded with a talk on prayer. In speaking on the liturgy of the hours it seemed to me that I was swept away a little. It is so hard to communicate the beauty and richness of learning to pray the hours. Somehow one connects with the centuries of the monastic tradition and through the psalms right back to thousands of years of Jewish worship.

Your own little words of worship are caught up in a mysterious mystical music of the spheres. The liturgy of the church seems to connect with the liturgy of the cosmos. The ritual and rhythm of time and space coincides and connects at a deep level. The liturgical cycle repeats and throbs in the rhythm of time.

Am I crazy? Has anyone else experienced this sense that my own life is caught up through this liturgy in something far greater and far more universal than you can imagine. Sing the psalms. Sing the responses and you are in touch with everyone else from the Holy Father to the loneliest hermit in a cell on an island lost in the sea.