My post on our new President elect has elicited an awful lot of comments. I’ve found some of the comments of those who agree with me to be pretty creepy. They compare the new president to Hitler and go over the top with hints of secret movers and shakers and Illuminati and sound crazily conspiratorial. Oooh! Scary! He might even be a vampire!

However, the most spooky ones are those who take me to task–not over the veracity of anything I have said, not disputing the grisly pro abortion stance of this man, or the frightening socialism he espouses, not quarreling with me because I have mistaken his Chicago underworld connections, his terrorist friends or his shallow rhetoric, but attacking me purely in sentimental and racist terms.

Because I have not bowed down at the Obama Greek temple and anointed him as the Messiah for our age I am blamed for being racist and self righteous and hateful. Come now, if people want real debate why don’t they argue that the man is not a socialist, or that socialism is, after all, the real American way, or that he is not associated with criminal members of the underworld, terrorists and members of the angry racist crowd? 
Why not argue with me about the truth of his record and say that, in fact, the man is not in favor of infanticide, that I have got it wrong, that he is not in favor of the termination of babies right up to the moment of birth, that I have made a mistake and he is, after all, a compassionate man who wants to defend life? Why not point out, (if it is true) that he is really in favor of helping women in crisis pregnancies and that he does, after all, wish to offer medical help to infants gasping for life on the steel tables of abortuaries after surviving a procedure designed to kill them?
If I am mistaken and he actually believes that inducing labor feet first, puncturing a still living baby’s skull with a scissors and sucking out it’s brain (partial birth abortion) is an inhuman horror equivalent to Auschwitz, then please, by all means correct me and supply the evidence and I will apologize and stand corrected.
Please, If I am wrong about these facts, correct me, but spare me the tired and emotional accusations that because of my opposition to this President I am somehow against the advancement of Afro Americans, or that I am hateful or that I am self righteous. 
If Obama is such a wonderful new leader of our nation tell me why. I am open to reason.
In the meantime, as a Catholic priest and a Christian, I assure you that I shall obey St Paul’s injunction to pray for our leaders. After all, he commanded this during the time of Nero. If the early Christians could pray for Nero, I can certainly pray for Obama.
It reminds me of the line from Fiddler on the Roof. “Rabbi, is there a proper blessing for the Tsar?”
“Yes. May the Lord bless and keep the Tsar….far away from us.”