Protesters outside Greenville's Abortion Mill

Protesters outside Greenville’s Abortion Mill

Here in upstate South Carolina our pro life prayer warriors launched a campaign called “Close the Mill”

During the summer they began a special, focussed prayer crusade that the local abortion clinic, and the others in South Carolina would be closed.

After the horrific Planned Parenthood videos this summer South Carolina governor Nikki Haley ordered an investigation in the three abortion clinics in the state.

This news item shows the remarkable answer to prayer.

Two out of the three abortion clinics have been ordered to close. One of which is the Greenville Women’s Clinic.

The clinics have fifteen days to correct the violations that have been found.

It may be that Greenville Women’s Clinic will comply with the rules and re-open, but even their temporary closure is an encouraging sign.

The Upstate pro life movement is not only anti-abortion. Both Protestants and Catholics together have pro active programs to assist women in crisis pregnancies, support the adoption option and offer assistance to single mothers who have chosen life.