Here’s a link to the article about the pro life Christian who was shot and killed yesterday by someone who was ‘offended’ by his message.

This news story was not carried by any of the major news channels except Fox News for a time, but now it no longer appears. Why is it that the murder of the late term abortion doctor made prime time news and the hunt for his killer was in the news for days, but the murder of a pro life protester is ignored?
Of course the murder of any person is abhorrent, but the pro life radicals are constantly highlighted and all pro life people are painted as potentially dangerous and violent characters. But when a crazed murderer kills a pro life protester are all ‘pro choice’ people painted as extremist potential killers? I don’t think so.
The final irony is that pro aborts actually are either killers or contributors to the crime of killing, and yet the mainstream media portray them as the sane, kind, generous and open minded ones.
Lord have mercy. What an insane culture of death.