Pretty hideous crucifix right? This hung outside a 1960s Anglican Church and the vicar has had it removed. Good decision. However, click here for the crazy comments that surround the decision.

The vicar took it down not because it was hideously modern and simply bad art. He took it down because it was scaring the kiddies. I admit, it looks like some sort of spooky creature from the Sci Fi movie, Signs, but did the vicar replace it with a beautiful crucifix? No, he replaced it with a newly designed modern polished steel cross without a corpus because it would be a ‘symbol of hope and positive thinking and nurture self esteem’ or some such nonsense.
One of the parishioners objected to the removal because, get this, “it was another nail in the coffin of traditional Christianity to remove a corpus from the cross.” I get her reasoning, sort of, but the point is that this gruesome corpus was not an example of traditional Christianity to start with.
I’m tempted to start an image series of the most awful representations of the crucifixion. We Catholics have ours too, but they’re usually sentimental rather than gruesome. What about that one where Jesus reaches up from the cross to release a dove?

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