Yes, the rumors are true, your faithful blogger, like a latter day Don Quixote has done the foolish thing and bought a motorcycle. In fact, I call her Rocinante, and she is pictured here. Far from the tired old nag the real Don rode, she is a rather beautiful and powerful beast.

So, like Don Quixote, scorning all the sage and sensible advice from the boringly correct and safe people, I mount my steed and ride across the American south tilting at windmills and having various adventures. I even have a kind of Sancho Panza in the form of my friend and fellow rider, Mikael, a stout fellow and a former soldier who drives a truck for a living, carves and smokes pipes and is a jolly convert to the Catholic faith from being a backwoods Baptist.

I may even derive a book from the adventures of a motorcycling priest across the Bible belt. Maybe I will call it, Leather and Lace– the Risque Adventures of a Traditionalist Biker. Perhaps Sancho and I will cruise across Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi conducting retreats, evangelizing bikers and truckers and discussing religion with Baptists and hillbillies and all sorts of fascinating folks…
PS: Don’t worry. I always wear my leather jacket, helmet and boots.