I keep getting emails from someone calling himself ‘Robert Hart’. Who is this person? I did a search and found that there is someone by that name who has set up a little church in Kentucky. I think it is called the Celtic Anglican Orthodox Catholic Church of Mid Northeastern United States (Septimus Strand of the 1932 Prayer Book draft revision liturgy) I only did a quick check, but I think his bishop had valid ordination through the Jacobean line of the Czech declension co validated through the Swedish Lutheran branch and reconnoitered with the Old Florsheim Church of Lithuania (twice removed) and the Syro-Malocclusion patriarchate of Eastern Tennessee.

Bishop Hart meets with the faithful in Sacred Hart Cathedral (which is temporarily located in the spare bedroom of their modest rancher home) Mrs. Hart is head altar server. If you wish to join them for solemn high Mass on Sundays at ten please bring your own folding chair. After Mass there will be a book study of Duane Mandible’s classic, Guns and Knives Will Save Your Children’s Lives.