Someone in the comment box on my Good Humor Man post opined that the post was self righteous. May I take a moment to say right now that I resent deeply the idea that I do not have a sense of humor, or that I take myself too seriously. The very idea that I am self righteous is preposterous! How could I possibly be self righteous when I know very well that I am a poor worm and no man. How can anyone who knows how very humble he really is be self righteous or spiritually proud?

I am sure that I am not self righteous, and if I sometimes come across as dignified or superior it is not me, it is either the fact that I am lost in the higher altitudes of mystical prayer, or it is the effect of the very high and noble office to which I am called. Indeed, I do not mind at all if someone were to poke fun at me. I would gladly be the butt of all mockery and shame. However, I would always defend the full dignity of the high and holy office which I hold. Indeed, to laugh at the clergy or criticize them in any way would be a terrible offense, and one that should be corrected with a calm, but firm reprimand.

At times the mockery of priests, (yes I must admit to righteous indignation on this point) angers me. Do these people who laugh at priests not realize that we hold the very power that keeps them suspended on ever so thin a thread, yea, a gossamer thinner than a spider’s web that keeps them from plunging into the pits of everlasting perdition where sinners burn, where there is weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, where the fire is not quenched and the worm dieth not?

Laugh at us?? Laugh at us?? They will soon realize the folly of their ways. Will they always laugh at holy things and holy people? Do they not know that when we process into church wearing long robes and sitting in the best seats that the honor people pay to us is the honor due to those who take life seriously and do not shrink from the somber calling which none other than Almighty God hath summoned us?

Far be it from all the readers of this blog to ever hint again that I am in the least bit self righteous, that I have no humor or that I cannot laugh at myself.

Shame on them, and let them laugh if they will– as the cruel hyenas laugh as they scavenge amongst the carcasses for their food. These mockers are no better than the brute beasts of the field. Their God is their stomach and their eyes are cast down. They are Moab my washpot. They are Edom against whom I will dash my shoe.

Let them accuse me of self righteousness. I will rise above it. I’m better than that.