Here are three of our noble band of servers from St Mary’s. These guys (with about a dozen more) serve at the 11:00 High Mass.

We have all male servers at St Mary’s, and one of the things we do in their instruction is to remind them that they are helping to lead the worship in everything they do–their body language, the way they sit in the sanctuary, the way they perform their tasks, the way the listen (or not) to the homily and join in the singing. All of it is helping to lead the worship.
The procession is slow and stately. We tell the boys that as they process in they are leading the whole congregation into the sanctuary of God. All the people rushing in from their busy lives see them march slowly and beautifully behind the cross and candles into the presence of God, and as they do, they are caught up in the dignity, the majesty and the humble glory of Divine Worship. The procession leads the whole congregation into God’s presence, and the boys do this with great seriousness and strength.
In the weeks to come I hope to have some more photos from St Mary’s to post on the blog along with commentary on why we do what we do in our parish.