Slubgrip Instructs

Slubgrip Instructs


Slubgrip Instructs is the sequel to Fr Longenecker’s successful book The Gargoyle Code.

In The Gargoyle Code master tempter Slubgrip writes daily to trainee devil Dogwart–advising him on the temptation of a confused young Catholic, while he struggles to control his own ‘patient’–an older man who is facing a serious illness.

Having been betrayed and sent down, Slubgrip now finds himself sentenced to teach Popular Culture 101 at Bowelbages University. His lectures and meetings, and those of his collection of fiendish guest lecturers are recorded by the security division at Bowelbages and the transcripts comprise the manuscript of Slubgrip Instructs.


Slubgrip’s lectures take the reader through the whole range of the temptations in popular culture that undermine the Catholic faith.

While busy teaching and bullying his students, Slubgrip has his eye on toppling President Thornblade and his old enemies–Commissioner Crasston and head of Detention, the tempter Snozzle. Will Slubgrip’s coup succeed or will he receive yet another “invitation to dinner down below”?


These Luciferian Lectures for Lent reveal the Devil’s Cunning Plans to Undermine Society and Usher in the Culture of Chaos.

The demon Slubgrip, having been betrayed and sent below, now finds himself sentenced to teach Popular Culture 101 at Bowelbages University. His lectures, and those of his zany and diabolical guest professors, teach the undergraduate slugs and grubs the dark arts of corrupting popular culture.

Slubgrip Instructs makes for page turning reading at any time, but it is specially designed to be read over a period of fifty days, or during the season of Lent. The first lecture begins on Shrove Tuesday and continues through the whole season, taking the reader on an entertaining and sobering journey toward Easter.


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Reader Reviews

“There is a world of difference between Newman’s Idea of a University and the modern reality on secular campuses. In fact, there’s more than a world of difference, there’s a hell of a difference! Father Dwight Longenecker knows the difference and satirizes it with the wit that puts wickedness to shame. Imagine Lewis’s Screwtape as a university professor and you’ll have an inkling of the true ghastliness of Slubgrip and his faculty colleagues. This short trip to hell with Father Longenecker will have you laughing at the devil because, as we all need to be reminded, the joke’s ultimately on him!”  –Joseph Pearce, Author, C.S.Lewis and the Catholic Church.


In Slubgrip Instructs: Fifty Days with the Devil, Father Dwight Longenecker provides a book  that is both delightful and insightful, one whose colorful characters (Slubgrip, Grimwort, Snozzle, Snort, and others) will both entertain and—in their unique backwards way—provide useful instruction. — Devin Brown, Department of English, Asbury University


Brandon Vogt on The Gargoyle Code

There is a tradition dating back to St. Benedict that says you should read a good spiritual book during the months of Lent as a sign of devotion and spiritual growth. To this end, Fr. Dwight Longenecker—a former Evangelical college student, Anglican-priest, and now Catholic-priest—has written a delectable book, “The Gargoyle Code”.

The book is essentially a collection of letters between a master, demonic tempter and a young diabolical trainee. For those familiar with C.S. Lewis, you’ll immediately recognize that “The Gargoyle Code” shares its genre and style with Lewis’ “The Screwtape Letters”.

The plot is similar in both books: the tempters of Hell use every tactic possible to lure their “assignments”—the people of earth—into eternal damnation. However, Fr. Longenecker’s book differs from Lewis’ in a couple of ways.

First, “The Gargoyle Code” describes the temptations of a handful of Catholic men and women. The two main tempters, a master demon named Slubgrip and a novice tempter named Dogwart, are in charge of an old, ultra-conservative Catholic man and a struggling, young adult Catholic, respectively. Whereas Lewis sought to describe the tempting of “mere” Christians, Fr. Longenecker details the trials of men and women tempted in uniquely Catholic ways: belittling the significance of the Mass, rote prayer and confession or the discernment of religious vocation.

Also different from Lewis’ book, “The Gargoyle Code” contains a chapter for each day during Lent, making this a great book to read during this time. Recognizing the liturgical season of Lent as the time of Jesus’ temptation in the desert, and as a time to deeply contemplate our own spiritual attacks and temptations, this book is an appropriate guide during this season.

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