Stronger Than Steel

Stronger Than Steel


Soldiers of the Great War Write to Therese of Lisieux…

This remarkable collection of letters from French soldiers fighting in the Great War is an abiding sign of the little saint’s supernatural powers. She said on her deathbed, “I will spend my heaven doing good on earth” and she wasted no time! These letters from brave young soldiers tell how she appeared to them, how she miraculously protected them, delivered them from danger, healed them and encouraged them in battle.




Soldiers of the Great War Write to Therese of Lisieux.

I had known of this book for some time and was pleased to pick up a copy in French when I was in Lisieux in 2019 on pilgrimage. So it is a great pleasure to have helped bring the book to be translated for an English speaking readership., and an honor to have been asked to provide the foreword.

From the foreword:

In the first World War, Germany (allied with the Turks,Austria and Italy) marched against France (allied with Russia, Britain and the USA) The fighting was the most bitter and deadly the world had ever seen. The suffering of the young men in the trenches was heartbreaking and relentless.

Therese Martin had died in 1897 just seventeen years before war broke out. In those years her book The Story of a Soul had been published and her fame had begun to spread. The book was hugely popular and quickly moved not only around France, but around the world through the French colonies in Africa and Indochina. Along with the growing devotion to Therese was an increasing call for her canonization. To this end the faithful from around the world wrote to the Mother Superior at the Carmelite convent bearing witness to the miracles and personal encounters they had had from the Little Flower.

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