This comment on my post ‘signs and wonders’ is one of the most interesting things I’ve ever read about the renewal movement. Don’t get me wrong. I’m been helped by the renewal movement in my own life, and do not wish to condemn it lock stock and barrel, but the comment certainly makes you think twice.

Here’s what Sealion wrote:

As a lifelong Catholic I can see how the charismatic movement meets a need in the Church (although it does not appeal to me in the slightest). At the same time though, one wonders about the potential issues that can come up from unsupervised charismatic gifts and miracles. As Father Longenecker points out, movements like the Toronto Blessing, clearly indicate the devil’s hand. Whenever I come across a charismatic group I am reminded of a story that a friend of mine, who is now a priest in my diocese, told me about his experience with the charismatic movement in Setubenville. During a charismatic service, a girl began speaking in tongues and was clearly moved by the spirit. After the service, and with my friend watching, an older professor went up to the “tongue speaker” and asked her what languages she was fluent in. She responded that she only spoke English, but that she had been speaking in tongues throughout the service. The professor sternly informed her that she had been speaking Italian, and that she had been profaning the name of God and the Saints. Screwtape surely had a laugh at her expense.