Spiritual2Why does this “spiritual but not religious” lie get me so wound up? I think it is because there are so many levels of the lie packed into one little cliche.

The first lie is the idea that somebody can be “spiritual but not religious” at all. How does one go about being “spiritual”? The only way I can imagine is that you give yourself warm feelings about sunsets and puppies and little children and Jesus carrying a lamb on his shoulder. How does one become spiritual? By sitting still and thinking nice thoughts? Do you become spiritual by eating granola and riding your bike to work and re-cycling and all that nice stuff? Do you read books about spiritual things? What sort of books would these be? Self help books to help you unleash the giant within? No matter how you frame it, being spiritual without being religious can only ever be some sort of self hypnotic, self induced, wishful thinking mind game.

Hold on, maybe being spiritual without being religious means you dabble in lots of different religions…Read more

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