Spiritual Hero is the name of a new project I’ve got going. When I lived in England, before being moving back to the USA to be ordained as a Catholic priest, I ran a training company called Working Hero. The concept of Working Hero was that the hero’s quest, which makes up the plotline for all the world’s great stories, is also the plot line for successful business transformation, career development and personal growth.

This soon became Ordinary Hero another program that focused on personal growth. We took the program into prisons as part of resettlement programs, we worked with de-motivated young people in schools, victims of violent crime and individuals who were looking for a system to help them understand their lives and plan successfully for change.
The plot line of the hero’s quest is also the plot line of all the great Biblical heroes and saints. Very simply, the hero is an ordinary person who hears the call and sets out from their ordinary world, their comfort zone, and embarks on an adventure of faith. Spiritual Hero is my adaptation of the program for growth in the Christian adventure.
The genius of the Working Hero, Ordinary Hero and Spiritual Hero seminars and retreats is that we use contemporary films in which the hero follows the hero’s quest, to illustrate our learning points. It is all very creative and non-literate. It appeals to all ages and the moving film clips inspire and reveal the heart of the spiritual quest.
In Ordinary Hero and Working Hero we use all sorts of secular films. In Spiritual Hero the main films we use are Lord of the Rings and Narnia.

The new Spiritual Hero blog will give regular updates, explain the method and message of the program, list dates and places for seminars and retreats, and provide up to date information. There will soon be a Spiritual Hero page on my website as well.

If you would like to know more about Spiritual Hero, and maybe book a retreat for your parish group or especially for your young people, drop me a line.