St Ignatius is one of my favorite saints. I love his Spanish soldier aspect. He’s a sort of real life Don Quixote. Launching out to serve God with the total abandonment and obedience of a soldier. I also like how he engaged with the Protestants. He loved the Catholic faith. He lived the Catholic faith and he me the aggression and suspicion of Protestants with gentleness and good humor, but never compromising the faith. He insisted that the example of moderation and charity should always prevail ‘without hard words or contempt for people’s errors’.

It’s a lesson to me. Too often in my criticism of our separated brethren I resort of mockery, and fall into self righteousness and pride. St Ignatius Loyola, pray for us.

He’s a great saint, and how can I help but have as a favorite a bald, bearded guy who wears a biretta?