I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about today’s post. Did I dare to call St Mark an ‘evangelist’? After all, Protestants have Evangelists! Would I be accused of selling out to Billy Graham, Ernest Angely, Jimmy and Tammy and Jimmy Swaggart? If I used the word ‘evangelist’ would I be accused of being a 60’s liberal or a purveyor of low church liturgies and a form of religion that wants people to have ‘a personal relationship with Jesus’? Horror of horrors! Would I be accused of being in favor of huge groups of people gathering to celebrate their faith and hear the gospel being preached, or would that be too close to papal audiences and World Youth Day?

I decided to take the risk. Then I had another problem.

I thought it would be nice to use the image of the winged lion from the ancient Book of the Kells. Would I be able to do that? After all, this is Celtic! More trouble. We all know that Celtic Christianity is synonymous with the New Age Movement. Would I be accused of tree hugging, nature spirituality, channelling, crystal healing, acupuncture, liturgical dance and watching Oprah Winfrey? Would I be associated with Matthew Fox, Shirley Maclaine, the Dalai Lama and Al Gore?

After much deliberation I decided to take the risk, and let the comments fly!

I’m taking this big risk because I love St Mark. I love the energy and passion of his gospel. I love the brevity, the power and the dynamism of the supernatural Jesus he remembers. I love the fact that he was with both Peter and Paul, and that he recorded Peter’s memories for us. I love the fact that he was a young man who gave his life to preach the gospel. He’s a winged lion–he has all the energy and nobility of a lion, but with the wings of inspiration and love.

Praise God for glorious San Marco, and God grant us a portion of his youthful energy, strength and zeal. God grant us his manly good humor, child like wonder and joy!