From the scholarly William Tighe:

Walton Hannah (1912 – 1966) was a Church of England clergyman who wrote a famous exposé of freemasonry called Darkness Visible. He became a Roman Catholic and left England for Canada (I think because of masonic harassment). In 1957 he wrote a pamphlet explaining the crisis which was current in the Church of England at the time, known as the “Church of South India Crisis”. It was caused by the amalgamation of clergy from nonconformist denominations with Anglican clergy into the Church of South India without doctrinal agreement on key points. At the time Anglo-Catholics questioned the validity of the sacraments in these conditions. 

This is what Hannah wrote at the time:

South India provoked a crisis, and crises in the Church of England follow a well-defined pattern. A situation arises which is hopelessly compromising to the Anglo-Catholic position, but which has the support of the vast bulk of the Church of England. Anglo-Catholics protest against it without avail; some leave the Establishment and become Catholics, but the majority hang on, apparently under the impression that by protesting they clear themselves from complicity. Eventually they get used to it and forget all about it, and start talking excitedly about the next crisis, which they say really will split the Church of England. For the Anglo-Catholic conscience is an elastic which will stretch to almost any lengths if it is stretched sufficiently gradually – and no one understands this better than the Bishops.

(Walton Hannah, The Anglican Crisis: The Church of South India, London: CTS, 1957, pp.18-19)