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The Disconcerting Synod

2014-10-21T09:29:15-04:00October 21st, 2014|Categories: Church Politics|Tags: , |

Some Catholics are unhappy with Pope Francis. Conservatives read his closing speech to the Synod on the Family with relief and gratitude, but after the events of the last two weeks they are diconcerted. disoriented and disturbed. Damian Thompson observed here that the final result may not have been the earthquake John Thavis spoke of here. [...]

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Media Mutterings About the Synod

2014-10-19T20:51:13-04:00October 19th, 2014|Categories: Church Politics, Patheos|Tags: , |

What is most frustrating in reading the media mutterings about the synod is the superficial experience of church life that most journalists have. Christina Odone is one who should know better. She is a lifelong British Catholic, a former editor of the UKs Catholic Herald and a longtime commentator on church matters. Nevertheless in this article [...]

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Beautiful Balance in the Pope’s Final Speech to the Synod

2014-10-18T20:11:06-04:00October 18th, 2014|Categories: Catholic Culture|Tags: , , |

Here are excerpts from the Pope's final address to the synod with my observations in red. Read the whole speech here. And it has been “a journey” – and like every journey there were moments of running fast, as if wanting to conquer time and reach the goal as soon as possible; other moments of fatigue, as [...]

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Wrangling in Rome – What Good is It?

2014-10-18T17:05:26-04:00October 18th, 2014|Categories: Church Politics, Patheos|Tags: , , , |

What good has come from all the bishops boxing--all the wrangling in Rome? Now that the Synod of Bishops has ended with a beautiful, but bland final message from the bishops, Damian Thompson reports on the week's drama here at the Spectator. ‘Thanks be to God’, as we Catholic children used to say with heartfelt enthusiasm as [...]

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Worried About the Synod? Here Are Ten Things to Remember

2014-10-15T08:09:57-04:00October 15th, 2014|Categories: Church Politics|Tags: , , , , |

  Worried about that Synod in Rome? Read This UPDATE: Here is John Allen's summary of the day's happenings at in Rome. He says the synod is turning out like a high drama soap opera...Go here. Whew! has there ever been such a furore amongst the faithful! We've got the clash of cardinals, a [...]

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Why I Distrust Church Synods

2014-10-14T08:36:29-04:00October 14th, 2014|Categories: Church Politics, Patheos|Tags: , , , |

As a former Anglican I distrust church synods. Here's why. The General Synod of the Church of England is at it's foundation, a democratically minded, man made institution. It was founded in 1970 on the foundations of the Church Assembly which had been in existence since 1910. The Church Assembly was a consultative body of elected [...]

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Sin and the Synod

2014-10-13T15:56:53-04:00October 13th, 2014|Categories: Catholic Culture, Patheos|Tags: , , |

I have now read what some are calling the "Relativistic Relatio" from the Synod on the family and I'm afraid that I am not impressed. It is not that the language is wishy washy, vague and confusing to the faithful. I've commented on that here and here. It fails to impress not because of it's supposed [...]

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Compassion, Puppies and Kittens

2014-10-11T11:17:57-04:00October 11th, 2014|Categories: Catholic Culture|Tags: , |

Don't get me wrong. I love the Divine Mercy mission. I'm all for compassion and mercy, forgiveness and love, warmth and welcome. I'm totally in favor of the priests being like the father welcoming home the prodigal with a kiss, clean clothes and a banquet. The problem I have with the current narrative coming from some Catholic [...]

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All Are Welcome…Really?

2014-10-08T07:31:57-04:00October 8th, 2014|Categories: Contemporary Culture|Tags: , , |

The theme song at the moment seems to be "All are safely gathered in, ere the winter storms begin." In other words, "All are welcome!" Of course all are welcome in the Catholic Church, but this truth is balanced by the fact that the church has a door. The sheepfold has a gate. The path has [...]

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Mantilla the Hon on the Crystal Cathedral

2014-10-06T16:15:02-04:00October 6th, 2014|Categories: Mantilla the Hon|Tags: , , , |

  Guest blogger Mantilla Amontillado is the founder of Veritas Vestments. She holds a degree in Ecclesiastical Haberdashery from Salamanca University. She has done the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella three times on horseback and is engaged to the famous matador, Senor Augusto Torquemada. OK hon, I got to say "Sorry" for maybe not writing anything [...]

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