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The Tale of Two Churches

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I have been a Catholic now for thirteen years. Like most converts, I described my reception into the Catholic Church as ‘coming home.’ However, the homecoming was not all that the sentimental phrase implies. It is true that in coming home we received a warm welcome from many Catholics. It is also true, that in coming [...]

Wrangling in Rome – What Good is It?

2014-10-18T17:05:26-04:00October 18th, 2014|Categories: Church Politics, Patheos|Tags: , , , |

What good has come from all the bishops boxing--all the wrangling in Rome? Now that the Synod of Bishops has ended with a beautiful, but bland final message from the bishops, Damian Thompson reports on the week's drama here at the Spectator. ‘Thanks be to God’, as we Catholic children used to say with heartfelt enthusiasm as [...]

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