Some English doctors want women to be allowed to pop a few pills to have their own abortion at home. They say the use of these pills are find and dandy up to nine weeks into a pregnancy.

I know very little about the medical aspects of this, but they say that a couple of pills ends an early pregnancy ‘safely’. We’ll leave on one side the obvious question of safe for whom? Obviously not safe for the unborn child.

What I would really like to know is what happens if the pregnancy is later than nine weeks? Do the pills still work? What do they do to the unborn child? What do they do to the woman’s health? People can’t buy the pills over the counter, but what happens when ‘the abortion pill’ gets out there on the open market like Viagra? Will there be mock ups of this powerful drug available under the counter? Will you have desperate women or teenage girls taking the pills at later stages of pregnancy? What happens then?

I can’t believe the vulgar, naive idiocy of these people. Why aren’t these obvious questions being asked?